Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Race Of Gentlemen

Here is a youtube video about a very cool race that started about three years ago. It is presented by a group of guys in N.J. who are very dedicated to the Traditional Hot Rod movement and go to great lengths to try and recreate the days of beach racing that was so popular in the forty's. Every car that is allowed to participate must be 100% traditional, you have to submit photos of your car prior to being allowed to enter to ensure the traditional rule is upheld. People on the beach who are there to participate must also be dressed in a somewhat period correct clothing. If not, you have to watch from the walkway above.
It may seem way to extreme to most of you, but I cant wait to take my car to this event one day and be part of it.


  1. TThat is a very cool and interesting video. I get the excitement. It would be a terrific rad trip

  2. Checked out the Duece Days link. The link is terrific. I see a lot of activity at Bear Mountain. You will love it. Golf tourney too nice on a great course. Your work crew looks very committed and serious