Saturday, July 9, 2016

The beginning of the new project-Part 2

The entire drive home from that road trip, I was building my new project in my head. The original idea was a coupe, but since I have two children, a car that the family could not fit in was not an option. So the hunt was on for a 1930/31 Ford Tudor Sedan. A large scale internet search leaded to a lot of heavy projects with long lists of metal work and rust repair that would require shipping from half way across the country. I wasn't interested in a full scale build, I was looking for a car that would have the look of a old car a teenager bought for $20 in 1940 and hot rodded. So it is not meant to look like a fresh restoration.
Then I found an add in Craigslist about two hours south of the boarder. I thought it was a scam, the add showed a great car at a price that I felt was considerably below market value. When I called the seller, it seemed legitimate, but I was skeptical. My best friend and I decided to make the trip and see what the story was. At the very least we would have a good story and go for a burger and a beer.

It ended up being everything I was looking for. A 1930 that was an older restoration from 1970, lacquer paint that was starting to crack in some places. Just the look I wanted. So I paid the man a deposit and came back the next weekend with a trailer to bring it home. This a picture was taken by my best friend who came with us of my son and I after we loaded it up.

Here it is sitting in its new home awaiting its new direction. 

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  1. A good post. Love the new photos. I am not sure whose smile is bigger you or your son