Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. My purpose of this blog is to share some of my automotive related interests, experiences and adventures.
The automotive trade can be directly related to any section of the hobby (or obsession as my wife tells me). From 4X4s, Mini Trucks, Lowriders, VWs (both air and water cooled) Street Rods, Hot Rods, Customs, Restorations, Street Bikes and Cruisers. I have no prejudice when it comes to to this hobby, they are all cool in their own right.
I will talk about some of the vehicles I have built, for myself and for customers, as well as sharing some of my road trips, road side repairs and daily servicing of my vehicles.
There will be some discussions on some basic repairs and tips that may go with them.
I hope you enjoy what is to come and maybe learn something along the way.
So for now I will leave you with an image of a previous car of mine on a road trip from Langley B.C. to Reno NV for Hot August Nights 2010.
Thank you.


  1. Great start on your blog. Love the road trip photo in red bug. Looking forward to more posts and photos of the new hot rod. Love lots of photos.

  2. I look forward to reading more from you Jordan! You are truly talented beyond recognition and are one of the most respected technicians in the trade.
    On a side note, I'll share that the red VW in the pic above graced the pages of the VW mags as the centerfold article back when put on the road after Jordan built it. He only made it better with time. He's simply to humble to post that and that too is a testament to his character.


  3. I'd love to see a larger version of the rod in the bio picture—looks like a trĂ©s cool car!