Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Continuing with my Model A

So we will continue on with the hot rod transformation of my Model A. From factory the car was only equipped with one tail/brake light on the driver's side of the left rear fender. With the fenders removed I needed to put the tail light somewhere. I decided to make a mount to go where the original spare tire holder was on the rear of the car.
Starting with a flat peice of 22 gauge steel, I shaped it in the same triangular shape as the spare tire bracket. I welded a stud to the inside of the top mount and the bottom was bolted up using the factory bolts. Once I was happy with the fit, I cut the old tail light bracket and welded it to my new bracket. I still have the factory single tail light but it looks much better and covers where the spare tire bracket was that did not have great paint under it anyways.

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