Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2016 North West Deuce Days- Sunday July 23- The big show (Part 1)

We were up at 4:45am to get in line to get our spot in the show. It takes a lot of people and time to properly park 1100 cars. It was an early start but so worth it. After we got our cars parked, we cleaned them up and waited 40 mins for a coffee in the only open coffee shop in downtown and then cruised around talking to some people we know and others we didn't. It is a great way to see the show and the cars and talk to old friends before the huge crowds start to arrive.

 We lucked out and got to park beside each other and we were right in front of the parliament building


  1. Thank you for guided tour of Duece Dayz. The photos are terrific. You have to love those Hot Rods

  2. What an awesome trip!
    It's pretty cool how every time we go to a big show we always come back with new ideas. (Like building side draft injection for your banger motor)! I love it. Not to mention got to spend the entire weekend with out good friends and our families. That is truly what it's about.