Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 North West Deuce Days- Sunday July 23- The big show (part 2)

 The Morning after cleaning our cars was the best time to look around and snap some shots. It wasn't too long before the crowds started and taking a pic of a car became next to impossible without someone ending up in your shot. Between my son and I, we took over 200 pictures. Here are some of my favorites.
(Above) Two 32s that were brought up to the show by the Edelbrock family. Vics coupe and matching roadster. (Below) A shot of Vics yacht. Named "Victorious". This picture does the size and beauty of this boat no justice. He brings it for every event here.
 (Below) The 32 roadster below belongs to famed painter Darryl Hollenbeck. This car won the AMBER (America's Most Beautiful Roadster) award in 2015. It is a very prestigious award and not easy to win. It is an amazing car and he drove it up from his home in CA. Not too often you see an AMBER contender driving up the freeway let alone the winner.

 (Below) This 32 3 Window Coupe belongs to Bruce Meyers. He also drove this car all the way up here from Hollywood CA. It is a bare bones hot rod built in a true slat flat style. No side windows, a big shop to the roof with the windshield slanted way back. The interior consists of nothing more than two WWII bomber seats and belts, a steering wheel, shifter and a few gauges.

 (Below) This is a really neat 34 5 window coupe built locally in Coquitlam. Another example of the salt flat look. Powered by a great sounding V8 flathead.

(Below)  Here is a shot of the crowd by 11:00 am. The kid in front is my son, David.
They say that over 200 000 people go through the Langley Cruise-in. I bet this show attracts as many or more people. The streets were packed all day.
 (Below)I loved the color on this 32 3 window.
(Below) This 32 3 window was unreal. It was here from North Carolina. It had a seriously heavy chop to it. The rear window was only 1" tall. Powered by a hopped up Hemi, it sounded as good as it looked. We got a chance to chat with the guy that owned it for a while that morning. Very cool gentleman by the name of Tom Busch. He has two sons you may have herd of if you follow Nascar, Kyle and Kurt Busch.

 (Above) This 1930-31 (can't tell exactly what year it is due to the change from a model A grill to a 32 Grill. This was a popular modification to model A's when the engine was swapped out for a V8 from a 1932 or newer car to get the larger radiator in the car to cool the new power plant) This little roadster didn't have a V8, instead it is equipped with a heavily modified original Ford 4 cylinder engine (A Banger) Before the V8 was introduced in 1932, speed parts for the banger were everywhere. The flat head is named so due to the fact that the cylinder head is basicly a cap for the combustion chambers. The valves were located inside the engine block. This worked very well but was not efficient at allowing the engine to breath- and if an engine can't breath, it doesn't make horsepower. So aftermarket companies started to make overhead valve conversions for the little Ford  4 cyl. mill. This roadster is equipped with one of these conversions. I am not entirely sure as to the make of this particular conversion, there were a few different companies that made them, but I believe it is a Miller (the famed engine builder of the early Indy car engine) conversion. It also has been converted from one updraft carburetor to two downdraft carburetors. This is an excellent example of a pre-war hot rod.

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