Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Banger Speed Parts

In the days prior to the introduction of the V8 in 1932, the banger was king. People were hopping up these 4 cylinders for every kind of racing you could think of, From circle track to the salt flats, guys were tweaking these little 40hp engines to scoot them up to top speeds of over 100 MPH on the Muroc dry lakes. Companies from all over were producing lots of different speed parts. From simple bolt on intake manifolds that would change the updraft carb to a larger bore down draft carb or a performance aluminum cylinder head that would bump the engines compression from the weak 4.5:1 any where from 5.5:1 to 7:1. The internals were being modified as well, with larger cam shafts, larger cylinders and converting the splash oil system to a pressurised oiling system. Those that really had the need for speed could purchase an overhead valve conversion kit. This would remove the stock cylinder head and intake and exhaust vales from inside the block and place them in an all new cylinder head that would place the valves on top of the piston. This greatly increased the flow of the air in and out of the engine and made significant HP gains. There is record of Joe Mozzetti,s model A roadster going 118.43 mph on the Muroc dry lakes with a 4 cylinder engine equipped with Riley overhead valve conversion.
These old speed parts have become quite rare and pricey. There are manufactures that are remaking them today but are still very pricey.
Here is a link to an article by Hot Rod Magazine that talks a little more about some of the options available to hop up a banger:

This is a short video of a hopped up bannger tearing it up a hill climb event in Europe. Not too shabby for an engine that originally made 40hp.
They sound great when they are winding out. A very unique sound to them.

This next one is equipped with a Miller OHV conversion.
There are lots of options out there to make these things scream. Only down side is they are fairly pricey to build. But they peak the cool meter to its max!

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