Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hot Rod podcasts

I thought I would talk briefly about podcasts.
There are a ton of them out there on everything you could possibly want to listen to. So, of course there are a lot of hot rod related podcasts as well.
Having the time to sit down and spend an afternoon listening to some of these isn't a realistic option. Most of us are juggling work and family and can barely find the time to work on our cars let alone find time to waste listening to someone else talk about it. But I thought I would share what my friends and I do with them.
More than a few times a year, we all get up at ridiculous hours and pile in a truck and head to a swap meet. One of us will down load a few episodes of different car related podcasts from Itunes and then we listen to them on the drive down. Its not like we sit cramped in the truck and quietly listen to what these guys have to say. It usually evokes great conversations that help kill the drive. It can be a lot of fun.
Here is a link to a good one we have used.

This is another one hosted by Adam Carolla. Well worth a listen.

See what you can find. There are lots of good ones out there on every subject you can think of. It might make your next road trip a little more interesting.

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