Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Getting the A on the road for the summer

So with the fenders removed, car lowered and brakes upgraded. It was time to pick so wheels and tires. I decided to go with the early wide five wheels and luckily my friend was willing to sell me his rare wide five spider caps to go along with them. For tires I wanted to go with the traditional "big and little" look. This meant smaller tires in the front than the rear. So I decided on a 7.50X16 in the rear and a 6.00X16 up front. I knew I wanted reproduced Firestone tires from Coker. I was going to go with a black wall tire, but my son convinced me to opt for wide white walls, I think he made the right choice.
It is often thought that white wall tires were a sign of having money as they would be more expensive but it is the opposite. Rubber for tire in the day, was made from rubber trees which was naturally white. Having a black wall tire was actually more costly to make and therefore purchase.
The new tires arrived from Coker.
 The goal was to have the car on the road for the summer and what better break in road trip than Deuce Days 2013. Below is a picture of the disaster that my garage turned into as I pulled an all nighter to get it ready to get to the ferry.

 This shot was taken right before we loaded a duffel bag in the back along with the kids and headed for the ferry. It was also the first time I had driven it since rolling it in the garage 7 months ago.
 We made our ferry reservations by minutes due to a fueling issue that arose but managed to limb it to Victoria and fix it there. We then drove it like this for the summer. With big plans for the next winter hibernation in the garage.
Stay tuned. Next comes the Chop.

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